KoralSea’s mission is to be a leading provider of high-value goods and live reef species to the home aquarium market. All our livestock is sustainably hand-reared  to the highest standards in our state-of-the art-hatchery in Inagh Valley.

At KoralSea we’re passionate about the hobby.  We know that Marine Aquarium keepers are increasingly conscious of the sustainability wild reefs and are making more ethical decisions on where they buy their stock.

We hand rear corals, fish and live foods of superior quality which are disease resistant, free from parasites and readily settle into new and established aquaria. We work closely with specialist retailers to ensure clear point of sale information and advice is available, ensuring hobbyists get the most out of KoralSea corals and  reef-fish.

KoralSea – Our Brand Values

  • Connecting with needs of an international customer base
  • Fundamental ethos of renewable & ethical supply
  • Validation through science
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Supporting international initiatives to preserve and sustainably manage wild coral reefs.

Who We Are

The management and staff at Koral-Sea share a passion and excitement for the aquarium hobby.

Our major strides in disease and pest management combined with our own cultures of nutritious live-foods ensure all Koral-Sea stock is of premium quality.


Simon Kilroy

With over 20 years experience in keeping marine fish & invertebrates Simon is recognised internationally as an expert in tropical marines.  Simon also has extensive experience in the aquarium retail sector and shares in the growing passion and excitement for the hobby.

james martin koral sea

James Martin
General Manager

James’s interests lie in increasing the nutritional profile of live foods, designing hatchery systems for some of the most challenging reef fish and advancing the success rates of our fragging process.  As well as working on Koral-Sea’s product development program which will bring new exciting products to market.

team shoot koralsea

Products Range

Koral Sea’s Propagated Coral Range

Currently Koral Sea Is proud to bring 30 species of both hard and soft corals grown here in Ireland with unlimited availability. We are working daily to bring new exciting species to market & these will be made avalible for sale on a “limited release” until we have the volume to allow for constant supply.

Hard Corals

Purple Cats Paw hard corals
hard corals hydnophora
Yellow Cats Paw Hard Corals
Cup Coral Hard Corals

Soft Corals

soft corals gold tree coral

Reef Fish

reef fish banghai cardinals
reef fish clown fish
reef fish clown fish

Corals Working on Limited Release

Koral Sea - Toadstool
Koral Sea Clove Popyl
Koral Sea Green Birds nest
soft corals button polyps
soft corals organ pipe
Koral Sea Candy Cane


koral sea Sea Fan

Macro Algaes


K-Chaeto TM Koral Sea
  • K-Cheato is a macro algae ideally suited for nutrient export in marine aquariums.
  • Chaetomorpha Algae is also known as spaghetti algae.
  • An excellent macro algae for refugiums in marine aquaria.
  • Absorbs nitrate and phosphates


K-Caulerpa TM Koral Sea
  • K-Caulerpa is an attractive easy to grow marine plant named Caulerpa prolifera.
  • An excellent macro algae for your main display or in a refugium environment.
  • This species of algae grows very quickly and is classed as “hardy”.
  • Absorbs nitrate and phosphates.

Pest control Berghia Nudibranch

Keeping an aquarium clear of pests is a major challenge for all hobbyists. In recognising this we identified the Glass anemone, Aiptasia, as a major cause for concern for many who enjoy keeping marine aquaria. Our R&D team developed an efficient way of culturing the Berghia nudibranch who thrives on this pest, keeping your tank  Aiptasia free!


KoraSea Consumables

Once you have established your aquarium the right consumables are critical in maintaining the health & vibrancy of your marine aquarium. At KoralSea we have developed a range of Live Foods & Consumables that are necessary for the long term health of your marine aquarium.

Live Foods

We have found central to successful coral and fish keeping is the right mix of nutritional foods. We have developed a range of live food with the right nutrient profiles that enables your aquarium stock thrive and grow these are:



K-Phyto 250ml is a high quality live phytoplankton mix that will improve your marine aquariums health.

  • A highly concentrated live mix of 4 species of marine phytoplankton.
  • Produced using a unique process that creates a low nutrient, clean intact algae cell feed.
  • Size range from 5-20micron
  • Ideal for all filter feeders.
  • Boosts the microfauna & health of your marine aquarium.



K-Zoo 250ml is a high quality live food for your marine fish and corals. A live mix of marine benthic and pelagic copepods with rotifers.

  • Size range from 10 – 1500 microns.
  • Ideal for finicky feeders such as mandarins fish and pipefish.
  • Improves colour and vitality of your marine fish and corals.
  • Boosts the micro fauna & health of your marine aquarium.



K-Fuzz 250ml is a live marine algae food that your marine fish will love.

  • K-Fuzz is a temperate marine algae from the family acrochaetium.
  • High in natural vitamins.
  • Improves the colour and vitality of your fish.
  • Ideal for finicky feeders including Tangs & other herbivores.
  • Will not grow in a tropical marine aquarium.


In combination with our Live Food range we have also developed a range of additives that are specific to the needs of healthy marine aquarium. They are low in heavy metal contamination, nutrients & are the actual product we use on our farm.



K1-Alkalinity+ 600g is a premium marine additive to raise & maintain your aquariums dKH and pH levels.

  • High potency buffer. 2.5g will raise 100lt of tank volume by 1dKH or 0.35meq/lt
  • Excellent water solubility.
  • Low heavy metal contamination.
  • Nitrate and phosphate free.
  • Is used daily on our own farm.



K2-Calcium+ 600g is a premium marine additive to raise and maintain your aquariums calcium levels.

  • Has a great potency level where 5g will raise 100lt of tank volume by 12.5ppm.
  • Excellent water solubility.
  • Low heavy metal contamination.
  • Nitrate and phosphate free.
  • Is used daily on our own farm.



K3-Magnesium+ 600g is a premium marine additive to raise and maintain your aquariums Magnesium levels.

  • Has a great potency level where 10g will raise 100lt of tank volume by 12.5ppm.
  • Excellent water solubility.
  • Low heavy metal contamination.
  • Nitrate and phosphate free.
  • Is used daily on our own farm.



K-Pure 250ml is a powerful Chlorine & Ammonia detoxifier which can be used in Marine or Fresh-water Aquariums.

  • Used accordingly it can neutralises toxic levels of Chlorine, Chloramines & Ammonia it can also be used for in the removal of heavy metal contamination like Iron & Lead.
  • Can be used in new or existing aquarium.
  • Dos not affect biological filtration.
  • Not harmful to fish coral, invertebrates or plants

Current Stockists

Research & Development


Disease and pest management

One of the most challenging aspects of keeping marine aquaria is the management of diseases and pests.
Our R&D team continually improve the disease free status of our fish and corals while researching effective ways to naturally manage them in your home aquarium.

Toadstool atomic

New Species

One of the great joys in marine aquarium keeping is the huge array of fish and invertebrates that bring vibrancy and vitality to any tank.
We are committed to a constant expansion of our species range, meaning the hobbyist can increasingly make ethical choices in populating the aquarium.

Copy of Plate coral mix

Maintenance & Health

Central to a vibrant aquarium is the right mix of nutritious live-foods and balanced additives. We teamed up with NUI Galway to scientifically blend a range of consumables that we know will work for your aquarium.
Our General Manager James, leads the way in enhancing the nutritional profile of our zoo- and phyto-plankton ranges to give your fish and corals the best possible diet.


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